Denmark’s Saxo Bank, for instance, offers a wide variety of FX instruments, bonds, stocks etc in an FX all-inclusive plan that investors can opt for or a volume-based price plan. The latter has three levels – 20, 30, 60, meaning that the FX 60 commission is 60 USD per million traded, FX 30 commission is 30 USD per million traded with 600 USD minimum monthly and FX 20 commission is 20 USD per million traded with 2,000 USD minimum monthly.
The bank offers the SaxoTrader platform, with mobile version as well, allowing traders to use multiple instruments from their account. Saxo would give you the possibility to try out quite a variety of currencies, some, let’s say “common”, and others more on the exotic side. In terms of options, they focus on vanilla, meaning call and put options in a determined timeframe. The investors may also trade bonds on all major markets, from US to Europe and Asia.

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