The CoinFi team wants to create an all-in-one platform for crypto investors. The platform will provide analysis, signals, catalysts and trading tools. The platform will also aid the users with a collection of tools for choosing strong investments and it will also afford users a chance to build a reputation for their analysis. CoinFi will provide a crowdsource and curated real-time database. It will enable users to identify abnormal market conditions as well as the best places to purchase coins. All this will be done electronically.
CoinFi is one of the ICOs done in January 2018. The public sale of the tokens was done in Feb. At the time of the ICO, investors were getting 7,500 COFI tokens for every 1 ETH. It is worth noting that the sale of the crypto is restricted in the Cayman Islands, Canada, the USA, China and Hong Kong.

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