Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency today. However, there is little doubt that its effectiveness is hampered by slow speeds and transaction fees which are a tad higher than what many people would like. These issues tend to touch every corner of the cryptocurrency ecosystem as every other altcoin somehow depends on the success of Bitcoin as a crypto. Bitcoin block is designed in such a way that only 1MB of data can be available on it. Consequently, this means that only 1MB of transaction data can be accommodated in every ten minutes.
The crypto was launched in January 2017 and its ticker symbol is LIGHT. The company behind the crypto was incorporated in Singapore and the main investors include China Capital, Blackhill Capital, ChainWorld, and LINKVC. It is Ethereum-based and the total number of tokens is LIGHT 210 billion. In the distribution of the tokens, 30% went to public placement, 20% private placement, 40% Light ecosystem while the team got 10%.

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