The first thing to look for in a reputable broker is the location where they are headquartered and the financial regulator with which they are registered. For TitanTrade, the parent company is one Titan Trade Capital Ltd. In fact, they don’t state this fact on their website and we had to get it from a TitanTrade regulatory warning by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC).
This company seems not to have a permanent address; at some point, it was based in Seychelles, London and now in Belize according to their website. On regulation, the company is completely unregistered as far as we can tell. As the company kept shifting headquarters all around the world, most financial regulators in those countries issued TitanTrade regulatory warning against it. These include the CFTC in America, ASIC in Australia, FSA in Italy, FMA in New Zealand, OSC in Canada and even KROUFR in Russia.

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