Blocktix platform is designed using blockchain technology whereby the transfer and ownership of tickets will be done safely and efficiently. Individuals and companies will be able to buy and sell tickets for any event with ease and cheaply. According to Blocktix team, the overhead cost for using the token will almost be non-existent. The costs of using TIX will be reduced by up to 90% hence giving the altcoin an obvious advantage over the contemporary ticketing system. Ticket sellers will eventually save thousands of dollars which would otherwise be used on surcharges and advertising.
Ideally, a firm which wants to sell tickets should have enough number of the tickets it wants to sell. When a user possesses a ticket, they can sell the same ticket to other users within the platform. The currency used to buy the tickets is either TIX or ETH. The organizers of an event will use a smartphone to scan the QR code which corresponds to the ticket.

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