Yes, Bytecoin is taking a beating now but we need to see a big picture here. Even 14% loss is nothing compared to the gains that we experienced recently. Since the beginning of the April, the price climbed from the 0.002 USD to almost 0.02 (0.0193 to be precise) seen on the 9th of May. The bull run is here and there are no doubts about that.
One thing in this whole rise is worrying me though. This current upswing is very similar to this one from the beginning of the year. The resemblance is uncanny. It started from the same levels and finished on them. The style, momentum..all that is very similar. We know that in trading and not only, history likes to repeat itself. If that is going to be the case here, we should soon experience a huge drop, which will erase all the current profits. One thing is certain, with this volatility, the next few days should be very interesting…

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