The ranking was issued by The China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID). It ranks 28 cryptocurrencies based on the technology, application, and innovation. This is unlike previous ratings we have seen for cryptocurrencies. A few months ago Weiss Ratings published the first large-scale cryptocurrency ranking. The website crashed soon after because of traffic. Weiss Ratings focused on trading and profitability for its calculations. On the other hand, CCID takes into account technology and usage behind each cryptocurrency.
In the list that was made public on Twitter by the user cnLedger, Ethereum comes in first, while Bitcoin is not even in top 10. Steem, Lisk, Neo, and Komodo make up the rest of top 5. Bitcoin’s 13th place came as a surprise for a lot of people. In fact, if Innovation score had not been factored into calculations, Bitcoin could have missed out on the list altogether. For others, this is not as surprising, as Bitcoin’s scalability issues have put its usage and applicability under question.

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