Voxels is a platform which lets any person from anywhere around the world to create and play a VR game. Such a person would not be needed to write even a single line of code. On the Voxels platform, there is a 3D design app, Voxels Creator, which is compatible with PC and Mac. There is also Voxelus Viewer which works on PCs and Samsung VR devices. The Voxelus Marketplace is designed to let creators of VR content sell and buy on the voxelus ecosystem with ease. You can only use Voxel (VOX) currency as a means of payment in the ecosystem.
Voxels’ blockchain platform aims to merge VR and cryptocurrency technology. The platform helps users get easy access to VR, apps and 3D games. The platform is easy to navigate and use. All content here can be modified, shared, purchased and resold without the need for you using any coding expertise. On the platform, you will find real-time apps which allow users to play content which is currently being used by the latest VR technology.

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