„You will not be surprised if we will say that it is extremely bearish. First thing is the sentiment towards all cryptos and the second one is the fact that we are below a major resistance on the 0.003 (red). As long as we stay below that area, the chances to test the black support on the 0.0018 are very high. In my opinion we should get there relatively soon „
Few days after that piece was written, the price went higher and broke that red horizontal resistance. From 7th till 15th of April, all days were positive! From 0.0027 we went to 0.0051 so we almost doubled. I bow in front of this movement, I did not see that coming. Anyway, now, after such a strong rise, I can see two bearish factors, which are pointing towards the bearish correction. First one is the candle from yesterday, which is a shooting star and the second one is the fact that we did not reach the 0.0055 (violet) resistance. What is more, in the long-term, the price is still making lower lows and highs, so the trend is still negative.

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