“Currently, the price is in the correction phase. The situation is still bullish but the fact that we did not manage to close above the 0.5 USD resistance (red) can be a bit worrying. The sentiment is positive but the buy signal is not necessary here. The buy signal will come back to life once the price will finally close the day above the 0.5 USD. I think that another attempt to do that is coming soon. „
The day, when we wrote those words was the reversal point for the Golem! Since that, we had 8 bullish days in a row! We eventually broke the 0.5 USD resistance and went higher, setting new mid-term highs on the 0.66 USD. That is where the altcoin created a double top formation and reversed. That is possibly a negative signal but the thing is that we are still above the 0.5 USD support. As long, as we stay above this support. The sentiment is positive and we should see a continuation of the upswing. Price closing a day below that area will deny the buy signal.

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