These cryptocurrencies serve exclusively as forms of money transfer. Of course, bitcoin is the gold standard in this category, and it has to be included into the cryptocurrency portfolio. So far, it has shown remarkable growth, and the forecast shows even more growth to come in the future. Nevertheless, there are other promising cryptocurrencies in this category such as bitcoin cash, litecoin, which should also be considered, although only to a small proportion.
Apart from use as virtual currencies, other cryptocurrencies aim to create decentralized systems. In this category, Ethereum is the clear winner, through its use of smart contracts. Already, Ethereum has a lot of support even from corporate investors, and it is a very promising investment. Besides Ethereum, Ethereum classic also supports smart contracts, and it also has a lot of potential. Ripple has also managed to raise support from major banks around the world, meaning that it too can function more than just a form of money transfer.

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