The state has a stake in almost every other industry in the country. It owns 37% share of the Oslo stock market. It does not only venture into listed companies but also non-listed ones like the power-generating Statkraft. If this company was listed, it would become the third-biggest company. Let us take look at the largest state-owned companies now;
There is a monopoly for both offline and online gambling activities in Norway, and according to Casinopå the largest operator of the bookie shops, online casinos and inland gambling spots is the state-owned company called Norsk Tipping. The profits generated through Norsk Tipping services are managed by the Norwegian ministry of culture and are used to support the Norwegian sport and cultural activities. Recently, the EU authorities were trying to push Norway to become more open towards the private companies in the iGaming sector, yet the country has refused to do so. The company is making over 5 billion NOK in profits, which is equal to 640 million USD.

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