“The sentiment is negative because the last two small upswings were quickly killed by the sellers. First one from the beginning of the last week and second one from this weekend. If the price does not want to go up, it will probably go…you know where, down. „
Those reversals were done on the 10 USD (blue), which few days after that analysis was written, got broken. Luckily for the technical traders, that resistance was later used as a support. It is worth mentioning, that on the 10th of April, we draw also the second resistance, on the 14 USD. Current price movements show us, that the area on the 13 USD (black) seems a bit more relevant. As for now, this is the closest resistance. The sentiment is positive but there is no buy signal yet. That one will be triggered, when the price will break the black line, which for now seems quite probable. Definitely more probable than breaking the blue one, on the 10 USD.

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