There are reports from Warsaw saying that the government has no intentions of following the new tax law at least until a new comprehensive approach towards blockchain technology and crypto is developed. According to the ministry, an in-depth analysis of the crypto space will be done to determine the best way to regulate and also tax it.
In Early April this year, the Polish Ministry of Finance issued a statement saying that crypto transactions would henceforth fall into either 18 or 32 percent income tax brackets. The ministry further clarified that a 1% levy tax on civil law agreements would be applicable. This is because the ministry considered crypto transactions as a transfer of property rights. So far, the ministry has not done anything about the PCC other than recognizing cryptos as property rights, which then means that one becomes obligated to pay the civil law transactions tax. The Deputy Finance Minister, Pawel Gruza, was quoted by Business Insider Polska saying this.

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