Stratis is a relatively new altcoin and is Blockchain-based. C# applications on the dot NET framework have been employed to develop it. In an announcement made on December 2nd, the company said that it had completed the development of the Stratis Academy Learning Management System (LMS). With the introduction of the academy, developers can learn and collaborate with other developers who are learning Blockchain development. The course content will range from getting started with the Stratis Blockchain to developing apps which use Stratis Development Framework. The company hopes that within the Q1 of 2018, the structure of courses will be completed.
There is no doubt that this altcoin, like many of the new cryptocurrencies in 2017, has made major strides this year. Until May, this altcoin had never touched the $1.00 mark. However, just when the price buzz of the cryptocurrencies was starting in May, Stratis was not to be left behind. Since May, the lowest it has dropped is $2.70.

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