ZClassic crypto can be said to be on a recovery journey. In January, the crypto was going for anything above $200 but things soon turned sour and in March, the price plummeted to below $4. ZClassic is a crypto which aims to give maximum privacy to the sender, the receiver and even the amount in a transaction. The crypto uses the same source code as ZCash crypto.
In the past one week, ZClassic has risen from a low price of $5.8 on April 21st to reach a high of $37 on Thursday, April 26th. It closed the day at a good price of $36. It is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies given that its market cap rose from $30 million on Monday to close at a high of $92 million on Thursday. On Friday morning, the crypto was going for $21.2 which was a loss of 22% of its value. The 24-hour traded ZCLs were valued at $60.9 million and its market cap stood at $83 million. The crypto gained by more than 518% in a single week.

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