Currently, the active and main developers of Jelurida include Lior Yaffe, Jean Luc, Ronald Hoffman, Tomislav Gountchev and Petko. The legal expert of the company is Kristina Kalchev. Besides Nxt, Jelurida has created Ardor and Ignis all of which are some of the high performing cryptocurrency of 2017.
Nxt was created by Jelurida. It is an open source application platform. It is designed to expand the things one does with a blockchain. There are many impressive arrays of functions inbuilt in Nxt software. You, therefore, won’t need to code anything on top of an already limited blockchain platform. Nxt is a very advanced blockchain platform which builds on the basic functionality of pioneering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Financial institutions and cryptocurrencies apply the blockchain technology a lot. However, this technology can be used for a lot more.

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