Asch altcoin which carries XAS as its ticker symbol utilizes enhanced DPOS algorithm in its consensus mechanism. This helps at reducing the probability of block fork and also the risk of making duplicate payment. The sidechain is application mode of Asch which alleviates the issue of inflation from the blockchain and also makes dApp more characteristic and resilient. Asch comes across as a low-cost, one-stop solution which will serve as the next generation decentralized applications’ stepping stone.
Programmers can employ a series of SDKs and APIs when they are creating dApps for whatever project they are working on. On the whitepaper of the company, there is a suggestion that the product will be ideal for large enterprises as well as independent developers. This is mainly because the programming interfaces are stable and functional. The developers of the crypto say that these interfaces will be implemented using SQLite and JavaScript. The interfaces of Asch are such that programmers will be accessing a sidechain rather than a blockchain. A sidechain comes with the advantage of offering parallel blockchains which are connected to a central one. This offers efficiency in storage and retrieval of large amounts of data becomes easy.

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