The crypto is built to act as a platform where Decentralized Apps dApps and Smart Contracts can be built on. The ICON blockchain interlinks cryptos hence making it more unique than Ethereum. The blockchain of this crypto will try and remove the bridge between cryptocurrency, fiat currency and the real-world. It will do this by bringing together decentralized networks of blockchain communities that can easily interact without compromising their autonomy. ICON will allow different blockchains to communicate and even transact information. Ideally, this crypto is designed to unify all the current and future blockchains which are used in different and diverse industries into one interconnected network.
This crypto is designed in such a way that when you set up a dApp on the network, you can freely interact with other communities and dApps which are found there. This crypto can, therefore, be referred to as a giant network made of many other networks and which enable users to interact automatically and instantly. ICX token will be used to facilitate these interactions. A simple example is one where an insurance company can send payment to a car dealership on the network. The ICON Republic is the one that oversees such transactions and the fee is paid in ICX.

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