According to Octoin team, the main aim of the project is to give maximum functionality to the users to work with cryptos in a single place through blockchain technology. When you use Octoin, you won’t need to keep several wallets for each cryptocurrency as everything can be brought together in a single Octoin wallet and also managed from one place, explains Ryan Murthy, head of Octoin software department. Ideally, the main goal of having the Octoin coin is to make cryptocurrencies simple and affordable.
The Octoin project has its own cryptocurrency called Octoin Coin. The team claims that its P2P exchange enables users to exchange their crypto coins in a user-friendly atmosphere. You can rent mining equipment here and you can even choose the cryptocurrency that you intend to mine. The platform allows you to choose how long you want to rent the equipment. Users have access to the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies.

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