The core objective of the team behind this crypto is to simplify the processes that go into publishing, licensing and authentication of a digital asset. By using blockchain technology and also time-stamped metadata for attribution and licensing, the team wants to create a verifiable record of digital assets. This record will bear an extensible metadata format which will make it very easy for smart media apps to access and also license these digital assets.
The ICO date was set to be between early August and September 2017. The company behind the crypto is called Technologies Ltd and is based in Singapore. Even though the company said that their goal was to raise $10 million in the ICO and 50% of the tokens were available for sale, many people never got a chance to participate. The ICO process was hampered by a technical hitch which forced the team to postpone the whole process by several hours. Even after postponing, the whole ICO process was unclear, at least to most people. There was even a private allocation of 2% of all tokens to a single investor who promised the team that POE would be listed.

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