The coin is listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges. There is no information provided about the developers of the coin. However, according to the exchanges where it is listed, it was introduced into the market on 30th May 2017. The market capitalization of the coin at the time was $0.0. Its price at the time was $440,188 which means that you had to part with 201 BTC to get 1 NANOX. On 31st May, the price shot to $1.63 million while market cap remained $0.00. The exchange per Bitcoin, which was the only well-known crypto, was 738 BTC for a NANOX. The volume traded in those 24 hours was a mere $1,600.
Currently, the price per NANOX is $525,885 or 31 BTC. This is a 35% drop from December 20th when the price touched a high of $1.36 million. The volume for 24 hours stood at $15,000. Only 1.1090166 NANOX is in supply and 0.078264 of it circulates. This might explain the extremely high price that the crypto commands.

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