There are numerous questions surrounding the creation and the existence of TerraNova alt coin. The coin is owned by ECO Coin. Unlike the numerous new cryptocurrencies of 2017, this firm doesn’t have a single website where you can get any information relating to its operations. Questions about the coin increased even more when it started trading on platforms such as coinmarketcap in July where the price was above $8,000. This was way more than even Bitcoin’s price which hadn’t even hit the $1,000 mark.
According to coinmarketcap which seems to be the only exchange where TerraNova is traded, the price stands at $13.90. The price has seen a low of $1.6 in the past. The market capitalization of this cryptocurrency is $0.0 USD which has been the case since it was launched. It is impossible for a company to have $0.0 market capitalization if it has shares trading on any exchange. Even for a cryptocurrency like TerraNova which is shrouded in mystery, this is a big question that adds on to whether the cryptocoin is genuine.

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