According to Blocksafe, at least three consensus mechanisms are employed to support the decentralized apps which leverage all the integrated innovations of the blockchain. This coin solves the issue of users having to design and implement securely distributed media for each and every smart gun innovation. Instead, the users are required to just list their innovations on block safes so as to ensure the project’s security requirements are met. Modularization is another concept embraced here so as to achieve exponential growth and mutually beneficial innovations for the coin. In general, Blocksafe does offer numerous applications which enable the development of much-improved firearm solutions.
There are 100 million TRIG coins in circulation. 10 million of these coins have been set aside for development and another 10 million for marketing. 40 million coins are stored as ERC20 tokens and can be exchanged for ERC223 tokens at a future date. After reviewing consensus requests, rewards are issued in the form of TRIG tokens. Counterparty technology is what the tokens are based on and in order to save their triggers, users are simply required to open counterparty wallets.

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