It is clear that VIBE wants to disrupt the concert business, education, online dating, sports and so on by use of virtual reality and Ethereum blockchain. VIBEHub is looking to create a marketplace where virtual reality content can be sold and purchased. For the many transactions which will be taking place in the marketplace or hubs, VIBE tokens will be used as the currency.
According to the Vibe’s Whitepaper, the technology employed in the project is the same as that used by Microsoft. VIBEHub uses special multi-sensors stereographic cameras in order to get HoloPresence. It is with this technology that the company is able to create different hubs within the virtual world. VIBEHub is able to project perfect real-life humans into holograms. More than that, the holograms are placed in their own customized environments. Such a hologram can be as large as a giant or as small as an ant. Because the platform is based on blockchain technology, users get to enjoy unique benefits such as transparency, anonymity, and security.

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