The crypto is named after Charlie Walton who invented the Radio-frequency-identification (RFID). According to Walton WTC, the RFIDs are very small sized tags which can be embedded onto clothes and other products. With RFID tags, the price can be read by most of the available sensors even when the tag is not in the line of light. This means that items moving up or down a conveyor can be read by the sensors. This technology can help in the manufacturing process and the tracking of items or even animals. Waltconchain uses IOTA‘s concept in that it connects the Internet of Things to its blockchain.
At the start of September 2017, the crypto’s price stood at $0.78 but its market cap was zero. Over the following weeks, the price rose just like that of Ripple and Bitcoin. By the time the year was coming to a close, the price commanded by the crypto was $11 while the market cap was in the range of $295 million.

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