The YEE project is made up of four components which are;
The crypto company is based in Singapore. The Yee ecosystem is designed to support instant money transfer and high efficiency when it comes to blockchain-based storage. It is one of the few cryptos in financial sector alongside Ripple (XRP). On the other hand, YeeNet which supports cloud-based communication is well integrated with YeeCall which boasts of having more than 30 million registered users who are mainly located in Southeast Asia, Europe, India, Middle East and America. According to the team behind the crypto, YeeCall network covers 27 countries and is supported by more than 1,000 operators’ networks. In the network, there are 5 data centers and more than 400 connecting nodes.  The team behind the project is working on YeeCall being compatible with IoT. Already, 70% of data transmission is being done through P2P. YeeCall is among the Google and Facebook global partners.

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