This cryptocurrency was created by William Corliss. PACcoin stands for People’s Alternative Choice coin. Its design is meant to help people transact in real-world situations. The crypto is, therefore, meant to make payment of coffee, groceries, bus fare or house rent possible. The PAC market is pretty impressive in that liquidity has risen incredibly over the past few weeks. This has subsequently allowed players with larger capital balances to enter and exit with minimal market disturbance. This concept is yet to be employed by a majority of the other crypto especially those launched in 2017.
PAC coins can be freely sent around the world. The benefit of this crypto like the rest of the cryptos is that there is no risk of government interference. Moreover, payments are made instantaneously and only attract a very small transactional fee. It is good to note that the fee is a fraction of what conventional banks and agencies such as Western Union and PayPal charge.

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