“Sell. Technical analysis gives no other option than the further decline. Fundamentals are not better either. To be honest with You, the 60% drop mentioned above may be just a beginning. Currently, we are above the significant, mid-term support above the 18 USD but once this one will be broken, Kraken will be released and the gates to hell will be opened. “
Yes, it was broken. Two days after our analysis was published. Was the Kraken released? Definitely. In the next few days, the price lost 50% of its value and touched levels slightly below 9 USD. Since that, BCD is undergoing a bullish correction. Actually, that correction are weird bull runs that try to break the resistance on the 18 USD. Intra day volatility is huge but all recent attempts to go higher were killed. Most of the recent daily candles have long heads, which is showing us the counter attacks from the supply.

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