„This is a game for the patient traders only. Still, after the two weeks, we have to wait for the proper signal. Price did break the green support and then the red resistance but both of those movements were not significant enough to trigger a legitimate signal. During those two weeks, we got two new players in the game: the closest resistance now, is the horizontal line on the 1.45 along with the orange down trendline. The support remains unchanged: 1.126. IOTA should give us answers soon.„
Indeed, IOTA gave us an answer and the answer was sell. Wait a minute, I just said that the IOTA is going up so how come the signal was sell? When that analysis was written, the price was around the 1.20 USD. Then, the price broke the 1.126 support and tested that as a resistance. After that, on the 6th of April, the price reached a new mid-term low on the 0.91. As you can see, that was a legitimate sell signal, which gave almost 20% profit.

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