Just like Bitcoin Cash, many people hoped that the price of the Einsteinium would rise even higher after the hard fork. It can be said that a good number of people who are in the crypto market don’t understand the underlying technicalities of the currencies. Many people tend to buy or sell based on an announcement without necessarily looking into the technical data underneath. But that is beside the point. After Einsteinium made the hard fork announcement, the currency became one of the highest gainers of week 49. People rushed in to buy the currency in the hope that after the dust settled, the crypto’s price would skyrocket.
Einsteinium is a good cryptocurrency which has seen growth over the past few months. It is based on solid grounds. It has a foundation which invests in education, research and crowdfunding. Still, the firm wanted to remove a ‘wormhole’ which was making the crypto not do as well as the developers wanted.

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