Pundi X has changed its ticker symbol from PXS to NPXS. The team behind the crypto wants to help every crypto owner go to a store and purchase all they want just as one would with a debit or a credit card. All you will need to do is locate that retailer that has a Pundi X POS. In their whitepaper, the company says that they are aiming to be the Walmart of blockchains. They will achieve this by allowing users to easily sell crypto on their platform.
The Pundi X team plans to start distributing their new POS devices in South East Asia specifically Indonesia. The main reason why the firm is targeting South East Asia is that more than 73% of the people here don’t have a bank account. These POS devices will let users purchase tokens directly or use the tokens in their wallets to buy items. The POS is going to be a smart device which will connect to the Pundi X blockchain. According to the team, the Pundi X blockchain which is Ethereum-based will come with numerous advantages over Bitcoin ATMs such as;

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